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Keeping Tiny Thinlits

Hello everyone !

I love thinlits dies, but find the smaller ones tend to easily fall out of the packets. I keep finding alphabets and numbers from my Alphaneumaric pack in the drawer where it's kept and am now without the number 5. Here's an idea, not new or original but you might not hvae seen it yet.

This is how the set looks.



I found a Magnetic Tape at Daiso for $2 and it had the bonus of having an adhesive back.


Next I took a patterned paper and doubled it for strength, then adhered the magnetic strip. Depending on how many small thinlits there are in the pack, you might need more strips. You can also use Magnetic sheets trimmed to size with a craft knife.


A great way to prevent the bits from falling out of your pack !

Thank you for visiting !

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Hello scrappers !!!

I currently work in the Singapore scrapbook store Made With Love where Sizzix is a mainstay product. When I got asked to come on the Sizzix US team by Tammy Tutterow, I can clearly remember the eyes-wide-open-disbelief, and then the excited screaming. After reading the email confirming a Design Team spot on Sizzix, I really wondered if I was capable of creating with Sizzix projects. It's a huge company with talented Designers already on the team, it was intimidating. At that time I'd been *off* the US Design Team circuit for close to two years as I found the deadlines exhausting, live scrap-crops in a time zone the total opposite of Singapore were tough and I felt creatively tired.

Being thankful seems inadequate given Sizzix's generosity and the exposure of being on the team. I am grateful for having twin benefits of working with the Sizzix US Team and for Made With Love. Experience is the best teacher, I say this over and over again to new scrappers. We get impatient, we want to be better scrappers fast, we want to get on Design Teams, we want products ahead of everyone else ...... it's normal wanting all these. Getting on Design Teams is tough as it's super competitive now, there are so many more crafters working in a huge variety of gorgeous styles.

The only thing I can say is : Do The Work and Step Up, Be Nice, Make Connections, Be Tech Savvy, Appreciate Every Helping Hand Extended To You (no matter how small).

Some manufacturers actually come by your Instagram to see your work and personally I feel it's a great way to see what other crafters are making. My Instagram is aidaville **here** and I usually hashtag #scrapbook  #scrapbooking #papercraft ...... plus the products I use eg. #tim_holtz

Ok, enough of me already, let's get on with this tut !

Today I have a card made using Stephanie Barnard's Framelits Flip-its Charming 659639. These Flip-its are really clever and the ingenious designs continually amazed me, seriously you cannot NOT have at least ONE ! I thought we'd get a head start on a Valentine's Day card and of course it must be girly pink.


This Framelits set comes with the word Love.


I've used stickers from 7 Gypsies (LOVE THEM !), but you can use stamps or other stickers you have in your stash.


And this trellis die-cut is so pretty, agree ?


Knowing how to use the Big Shot and it's accessories is important. Framelits and Thinits are easy to die-cut with the Magnetic Platform which stops them from sliding all over the place and *ta-da !!!* .... NO MORE WASHI tape to hold the die in place ! The Magnetic Platform is used with Regular Cutting Pads. Start by placing one Cutting Pad on the Magnetic Platform, and then the Framelits with the cutting side facing up. You can see how it's done below.


Next, place the paper on the die and the other Regular Cutting Pad on top. What you now have is a sandwich. Roll the sandwich through the Big Shot.


Below you can see how the carstock has been die-cut.
** Optional tip : if you are using Textured cardstock, you might want to place the Textured side facing up. The result of this would be, when you flip the card open, the Textured side will be facing up. This is not a huge detail, but helpful to know.


The next step is to die cut 2 pieces of patterned paper that will go on top of the cardstock base. The pattern you like on the paper should face downwards to ensure it is embossed correctly.


Make the sandwich and roll through the Big Shot.


In the picture below you can see the embossed the edges of the patterned paper.


Die cut the Love in Cherry coloured cardstock.


Daub Gold Stickles to make the word pop.


Adhere the Love to a pale pink cardstock.


Trim the pink cardstock leaving a thin border and after, usie a Distress Marker to edge the shape. Adhere this piece to the front of the card using Foam Dots.


Die cut 2 pieces of trellis strips in white cardstock.


You are almost done ! Here is how I adhered the patterned papers to the base. I added a strip of pink satin ribbon at the lower half of the card, then glued the white cardstock trellis on the ribbon. Tie a bow and position it on a spot on the trellis that will still enable you to close the card.


A closer look.


Add sticker words as you like.


And this is another photo of the finished card.


I hope this tutorial is easy to follow. Flip-its are great cards and die-cutting the papers in the right orientation is mostly common sense, really easy to learn.

Information on products can be found at Sizzix.com and in Singapore Sizzix products are available from Made With Love.

Here's the list of supplies :
Stephanie Barnard's Framelits Flip-its Charming 659639.
Powder Blue and Teal Big Shot
Magnetic Platform
Regular Cutting Pads
Papers : Bazill cardstock | American Crafts Dear Lizzy | Webster's Pages
Stickers : 7 Gypsies
Adhesive : Beacons 3 in 1 | American Crafts Foam Dots
Distress Marker : Pumice Stone  | Ranger : Gold Stickles
Ribbon : Wilton

Enjoy your week ahead, cheers !

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January 2015

Hello everyone !



Yes it is a brand New Year ! Another chance to work on our goals, to discard stuff not working for us, to give thanks for and re-affirm relationships that support and encourage us.

This Blog has been all about crafting, though it never started that way. The past 3 years have been very busy and there was very little time to add personal entries, only work related ones. Starting this year, I would like this space to be more me, less about products. For sure this requires plenty of effort and time, but I do want to get back to writing more, to feel less rusty in putting down words. As we become more personal, a certain amount of vulneralbility will surface and comments that might not be positive or helpful will sting. But that's just what personal Blogs are about and we need to step back, accept it's all part of the deal. Not everyone will like what is posted here ....... but that's ok.

Work over the past year has been good and has pushed me to step up creatively. Many times people tell me I'm lucky to have the dream job of working with pretty supplies, to *create* the whole day. Honestly most days, yes I totally agree about the lucky part. That's just the surface, but like any other job, there are bosses, deadlines, schedules, budgets and the most dreaded (in paper crafting) the loss of inspiration. We are all held accountable for reasonable work standards and doing fair work for the money we are paid. However, we are human, subject to discouragement, days when we feel *off* that make getting to the expected work level very challenging. Happily, I work with supportive people who trust and allow me the freedom to design ....... who can ask for more ?

The highlight of 2014 was being invited to the Tim Holtz Media Team. Though the team didn't last, it taught me how to work at a level previously glimpsed from afar, it gave me a rare insider's view and the amazing privilege of having work displayed at the Tim Holtz CHA 2015 Booth. I got to know some wonderfully creative people better, and met new ones. Not going to CHA this year is a real bummer, and well, it is what it is, we just move on.

A new year means new plans right ?

I'd like to create for me, in my style and to do more personal projects. The piece you see above was created with much happiness, and that's the real truth about crafting ...... you must feel happy to be inspired.

At work, Sizzix will feature strongly as we see the use of die-cuts in paper-crafting taking off. Crafters here are coming around to having Die-cutting machines and I'd like to show them how to create effortlessly and with confidence using Sizzix. Singapore crafters are often hindered by the perfection syndrome - they want their work to be perfect first time out and are frightened by exploraton or the learning process as it means making mistakes. Consequently they find it hard to enjoy crafting workshops and feel stressed at the thought of missing any part of the learning, they worry about getting things wrong. My wish this year is to change this attitude bit by bit and to push the idea the more relaxed we are, the more happy and inspired we become. I've designed Sizzix 101 to be fun, hands-on, with pretty projects to show that die-cutting is easy once you get the hang of seeing, thinking in layers by using different die combinations. At Made With Love, Sizzix 101 will be a mainstay workshop for crafters who are new to die-cutting, for crafters who want a re-fresher having forgotten the basics or need help with updating their product knowledge.

Life and work, and looking forward to writing about both ! Nothing's more exciting than making up your mind and then taking the first few steps.

Here's to a wonderful 2015, more peace, more joy, more laughter !

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The old and the new.

Hello everyone !

I am sure every paper crafter has hoarded supplies they love, and most times not even realising how much they have. Autumn Leaves and 7 Gygpies are the two brands that to me were industry standards about six years ago, great design and quality. It was the beginning of distressed looks, using mediums to enhance the vintage feel of the products, a whole new world for crafters who were moving from purely paper into mixed media.

The J tab came in a packet with all the alpahbets and you can see how after all this time, it still feels current and totally usable. Does anyone remember the 7 Gypsies 99% tags ? They had a whole collection of document styled products in manila paper. This card was teamed with new Webster's Pages and you can see it works great.


The flower was die-cut using the Alterations Tattered Garland Decor Strip and they were coloured with Distress Inks Spun Sugar and Wild Honey. More layers were added with a small Prima flower, an Idea-ology emphemera and a stamped Moth.


You can see my boxful of tags !


Other stuff on my table.


I love colour with the pinks and teals being a current fave.


Some of the things I have on my worktable include gifted old bowls perfect for holding the small bits and pieces. Sadly very little real vintage exists in Singapore and the ones we do find are expensive. A few smart busineses have filled this niche for nostalgia with reproductions like the colander you see.


Kelly Rae products are impossible to find in Singapore and to my surprise I saw a small online store here selling a few of them. The store owner was not a scrappes and hadn't realised how mixed media crafters love Kelly Rae's whimsical work. The precious pail with a butterfly design is so pretty and one day I'd like to get a Kelly Rae doll, but first I'd have to overcome the bump of horrifically expensive shipping from the US !


Well that's a quick peek at my space.

As we head towards 2015, it's a good time for me to think about this past year and what it meant to me. One thing I'd like to do more is be active here again, less on Facebook, to post more about my personal journeys and thoughts, to this being less a scrapping product Blog. Thankfully there're not alot of dramas in my life, most of it eventually passes, and ......... we ........ people move on. Once again I need a reminder to waste less time and energy on negativity .... LOL ..... maybe I'll make myself another chalkboard to say this !!

Have a wonderful New Year and may 2015 hold many personal successes, much happiness for you and your family.

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Hello scrappers ! Welcome back and this time I have a tutorlal on layering Sizzix Thinlits.

First, here's an exciting piece of news to share ! For crafters in Singapore who are new to the Big Shot and Sizzix dies, starting in mid January 2015, Made With Love will be scheduling Sizzix 101 workshops that are specifically about the endless posiibilities of creating with Sizzix. You will be taken through the basics of die cutting, Sizzix machine accessories and different types of dies, you get hands-on experience, lots of practical tips and leave with 2 pretty projects at the end of each workshop. I will be teaching all Sizzix 101 Workshops and really, after working with Sizzix products for so long, I can't wait to share with you tons of ideas. Be sure to look out for Workshop dates the first week of January !

To make sure you don't miss out, follow Made With Love on Facebook or Instagram where the schedules, events and special offers are posted.

Getting back to the tutorial, here is the card for today. Pale yellow is a favorite colour as it feels happy and the title Home just seems to fit with the die shapes.


Gold Foil always adds an elegance to the project.


And I just LOVE the embossed switrls in the background.


Before we begin, here's the supplies list.
Sizzix :
Big Shot | Extended Multi Platform | Extended and Regular Cutting Pads | Magnetic Platform
Fancy Base With Layering Shapes by Jen Long 660109
Embossing Folder Swirls and Squares `658847 by Stephanie Barnard
Alterations Decor Strip Tattered Garland 657824 by Tim Holtz
XL Bigz Alterations Block Talk 658563 by Tim Holtz
All Sizzix products can be seen here at Sizzix.com

**In Singapore Sizzix products are available at Made Wtih Love

Others :
Bazill Cardstock in the colours white, pale yellow. light pink and lght grey.
Distress Inks : Spun Sugar, Wild Honey, Gathered Twigs
Gold Foil paper by Jen Hadfield
Brads by My Mind's Eye | Pen : Signo Uniball White Pigment Ink
Adhesive : Beacon's 3 in 1 | American Crafts 3D Foam Squares

Are you ready ? This is a really pretty project and you will love how it turns out !


First emboss a piece of pale yellow cardstock with the Swirls embossing folder using the Multi Purpose Platform in Tab 1. In case you forget, the tabs have diagrams and instructions printed on them and you need not worry about going wrong. Trim the cardstock to fit the embossing folder and insert it into the folder. Sandwich the folder between 2 cutting pads (either the regular or extended), and roll through the Big Shot.


Beautiful design, don't you agree ?


Ink lightly with Distress Inks Spun Sugar, Wild Honey, Gathered Twigs.


This is the largest frame shape in the pack. What's interesting about these Thinlits : they emboss as well as die cut which adds so much more to the overall look. For me, the Magnetic Platform is an essential acessory when using ultra thin dies. To use it, place a Regular Cutting Pad on the platform, then the thinlits die with the cutting side facing up.


Cover the die with the paper of your choice, and then the other Regular Cutting Pad on top to create a sandwich. Roll through the Big Shot.


This is how the shape looks and you can see how the frame edge is embossed.


These are the smaller dies.


Die cut white cardstock.


Ink the woman silhouette and tabs with Spun Sugar and Wild Honey. Then using a white ink pigment pen by Signo Uniball, draw into the embossed lines on the sides of the frame.


Gold Foil paper is great to use and will lift your project up from the ordinary.


Die cutting with the XL Bigz Block Talk is easy peasy !


Adhering the alphabets on to transparency makes them easier to handle and you can move the word about to see where it can be best placed. Glossy Accent with it's slim funnel easily dispenses small spots of glue behind each alphabet.


Die cut flowers using the Tattered Garland Decor Strip.


I made three sets in small sizes to fit the card and added brass brads in the centers.


And finally when the pieces are ready, assemble the card as you see above. Change up the design if you prefer to make it your own. To create different layers, I used 3D foam squares by American Crafts.
Layering is all about balance and proportion, a skill that gets better with practice. Don't worry too much if you can't get the hang of it yet, you will with experience.
It's almost New Year and I wish you and your family a wonderful 2015, may it be absolutely stuffed with good things. Thank you for this visit, cheers !!
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Sizzix Hanging Lantern Card.

Hi scrappers ! How was your weekend ?

Christmas is getting nearer and if you are looking for a quick card idea, this Hanging Lantern card would be the one !


The Alterations Hanging Lantern is a lovely die with a vintage design that will see you through lots of seasonal crafting.


You can see how the die-cut has been altered with mediums to make it look real.


Add a metal embellishment and crinkle ribbon to complete the shabby look.

Here is the supply list :
Big Shot
Standard Cutting Pads
Sizzix Alterations Hanging Lanterns 660030
Patterned paper, Swiss Dotted Card Stock in red, a small piece of white card stock and vellum.
Idea-ology : Word Band, Crinkle Ribbon
Distress Paint : Black Soot, Brushed Pewter
Distress Ink : Gathered Twigs
Stickles Gold

Let's begin :


Place the chipboard on top of the Bigz die with the cutting side facing up. As with all dies, no matter the type, sandwich with the cutting pads and roll right through the Big Shot.


Here you can see how cleanly the die cuts. I used only one Hanging Lantern for this card.


Colour the lantern with Black Soot and dry, then colour the edges with Brushed Pewter. Squeeze a small dot of Gold Stickles on your finger and daub on the lantern, use a heating tool to dry.


Gather your materials to assemble the lamp : the die-cut candle, white card stock and vellum.


First ink the vellum lightly with Gathered Twigs. Next I adhered the vellum to the back and trimmed it off around the lantern. Glue the candle and the white card stock behind.


This is the completed lantern.


To finish, matt the piece, layer on to any matching patterned paper and finally add the base of Swiss Dotted red card stock. You can add twisted crinkle ribbon to the top of the lantern and tuck the ends under the paper with small bit of glue. Choose any embellishment you may have to add to the card and tie a ribbon on the right corner. This is really easy and quick, perfect for those last minute cards you need.

More information on dies and the Bog Shot can be found on Sizzix.com with tutorials as well as inspiration on the Sizzix Blog. If you are in Singapore, Sizzix products are sold at Made With Love located at 313 Somerset in Orchard Road.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope your week ahead is good !

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The Journey.....


It was scary and exciting at the same time..... I mean the TIM HOLTZ Media Team ? Whoaaaa !! It was the one dream I had (perhaps with a couple of hundred crafters) to be associated with THE brand.

Today, at the end of it there are no regrets and so much to be thankful for. Being recognised for your work is a huge thing and it doesn't happen often enough. What I will remember from this time is the genuine warmth and generosity, being made to feel truly welcomed by everyone. The kindness, the courtesy, the support shown along the way made the journey extraordianary.

My biggest worry : not having the creative stamina. But that's life ? You never know what's in you till you try !

A HUGE thank you to Tim and his Team, and my team-mates who are amazing !

Thank you too to everyone who visited this Blog and left comments, they are so appreciated. In today's world of Social Media, where long attention span is a rarity, for anyone to spare a couple of minutes to type their thoughts, it's an event to be grateful for.

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Home Decor Birdhouse | Tim Holtz Media Team

Hello crafters !

We love 3-D projects and though we might not make them all time, the coming Thanksgiving and Christmas make these themed handmade pieces perfect for the home. Today I have a Birdhouse to which you can add a family mini album inside or simply use as a decorative piece.



The flowers are in various sizes from the Tattered Floral Garland decor strip.


The Fir Branches are from the Tattered Pinecones die.


At the top of the roof, as a reinforcement, I glued a small cone. The tip is decorated with a wind vane made by using a Vial Label, Sprocket Gear and an Adornment Arrow. It was adhered to a Memo Pin and pierced into the tip of the roof.


Here are the supplies I used :
Wallflower Paper Stash.
Distress Paints :  Picket Fence, Crushed Olive, Dried Marigold, Festive Berries
Distress Clear Crackle Paint
Distress Inks : Spun Sugar, Dried Marigold Gathered Twigs
Alterations : 658566 Movers and Shapers Repositionable Die Sized Circles | 659437 Petal Drop | 658711 Ironwork Gate | 657824 Tattered Garland Decor strip | 658563
Idea-ology : Tissue Tape, Ornate Plates, Vial Labels, Memo Pins, Sprocket Gears, Adornments Arrow
Tools : Tiny Attacher, Inking Tool, Non-stick Craftmat, Vagabond.

I started by die cutting in matt board 6 pieces of the Petal Drop. Join them together using tissue tape or masking tape.


Join the end pieces together and you will get a scralloped cone roof.


Paint the outside with gesso, and when that dried, I applied a thin layer of texture paste to roughen the surface of the mat board as well as to cover some of the tissue tape. Dry completely.


Paint with Dried Marigold, Crushed Olive and Picket Fence


The next step is to build the body of the Birdhouse. Begin by trimming any patterned paper 3.5 inches x 12 inches. If the paper is too thin, you might like to double it with a card stock of the same size by gluing them together. Mark the center point and die cut a Medium Circle from the Movers and Shapers Sized Circle Set.


Roll the paper into a tube overlapping the ends by half inch. Adhere the ends securely and staple with the Tiny Attacher. Add a light coat of paint in a mix of Crushed Olive and Picket Fence.


Once the tube is ready, adhere to the roof to form a circular Birdhouse. In the finished photo you will see I had added two strips of patterned paper to the top and bottom of the tube.


The base of the project is a semi circle chipboard covered with patterned paper. On the underside, I raised it with wood Bingo Numbers.


Using a cream cardstock, die cut an Ironwork Fence and gate. Color it with Distress Paints Dried Marigold and darken with Distress Ink Gathered Twigs.


Glue the Fence on to a strip of clear thin plastic to make it less flimsy. Adhere the Fence to the front of the base. Add an Ornate Plate and here you can choose to color it to match the fence as I did. The word Home was die cut in Gold Foil with the Block Talk XL Bigz.


Now lets get to the fun of decorating the project ! I've used the flowers in various sizes from the Tattered Floral Garland decor strip and layered them with Fir branches from the Tattered Pinecone die. The flowers are in cream cardstock, inked with Spun Sugar and Dried Marigold.

To attach the flowers to the project, I created supports in the form of rolled tubes. Please click on this link to see more *HERE*


The bird is fussy cut from a patterned paper in the Idea-ology Wallflower Paper Stash.


Like all projects, we make adjustments towards the end and I decided that the roof needed more colour and texture. To get this, I brushed the roof with Distress Clear Crackle Paint, and when it dried, painted it with Distress Paint Festive Berries using a wet paint brush. The roof now looks so much better with the cracks and red paint that has seeped into them !


This Birdhouse is not difficult to make, and it really is alot of fun. You can change the look by using other color combinations, make it Vintage, add more to this idea. Thank you for coming by my Blog, I hope your week will continue to be creative !

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Hi there crafters ! There's a handmade book tutorial on the Tim Holtz Blog *HERE* ..... go check out how I made it !

Thank you for coming by !

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A new Made With Love workshop | November

Hello everyone ! I have a new workshop at Made with Love where you will make from scratch a magical Chrismas box using Sizzix dies and Graphic 45. Classes are taught by me, they are kept small, and very personal to help you to learn paper crafting techniques better.

For a complete workshop listing, dates and times, visit : https://www.facebook.com/madewithlovesg

See you there !


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