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Hi everyone !

It's the Lunar New Year and in a sort of a way, we do celebrate this occassion. With Augs being Chinese, it's important for the girls to know about the ties to his family. From the time I met them, they've been so kind and open, generous with help whenever we needed it. We are not a traditional Chinese or Malay family and melding these two cultures has been an interesting experience for us. We tell the girls they don't have to choose to be Chinese or Malay but rather take the best parts of each culture and just like being who they are. In the end it will not be ethnicity which decides whether they are happy or successful but rather, how comfortable they are in their own personalites and talents.

Life has been interesting the last few week showing me that people change, and for better or worse, it is what it is. We don't always have back up plans for everything that happens and just need to trust that our actions were the best choices made given the facts and circumstances. In all of this, I've realised that support can come from unexpected sources.

So : breathe ....... have faith ...... let go ....... it will be ok.

Have a good week ahead and may fortune, success and good helth accompany you throught the year.

Cheers, Aida.

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