aidaharon (aidaharon) wrote,

A New Home

Ok Here we go, trying out a new e-home !!

I'm a little sad because I'd been with Xanga for so long. There's no denying it was getting problematic, consistently hard to upload, never comment friendly, just not what it was a few years back. I'm still holding on to the account to keep all the information that's there. Moving was a matter of finding time to do it ....... and now that I'm here, I need to figure out all over again how to customise the look. Luckliy I'm into simple looks and don't like too much embellishing.

These were made to test out banner gifts, to see how much time I needed to make them and how much work it would take. I'd rate it a 7 on a do-ability scale, not hard but may need more time comapred to a paper collage.

Thanks for dropping by !!
Tags: scrappy

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