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Faith and Hope


Fatih and Hope, it's what keeps most of us going !

I've been thinking alot about people in general - about how they're not who they seem to be, who after you get to know them better, their true nature will reveal itself. Maya Angelou  said : when people show you who they are the first time, BELIEVE them.

Meaning :

People who are genuinely kind when you meet them the first time, will always be kind. None of us would have any problems when we encounter kindness, consideration and good intentions.

And those who are pretentious, snide or mean will always be so. BUT ....... WHY is it when we encounter people who are less stellar, we make excuses for them, *not THAT mean ! .......... oh, not THAT unkind .......... only a LITTLE BIT of a snob ....... not spiteful, just a wicked sense of humor !*. We laugh it off, we hope they prove us wrong and turn out to be actually nice. We don't want to deal with the reality of who they are, we prefer not to believe the worst in people.

Interesting isn't it ?

Time and time again I make this mistake of not believing what I see and hear.