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Done is Better than Perfect ....

I love Dina Wakely !! I love that she works with mediums to create free spirited, gorgeous art journals full of depth. If I could, I would love to take classes with her just to be able to understand the creative process.

Dina had a link on her facebook to Kelly Walker's Blog and in her blog was a post about Dina's recent class, photos, together with the quote *Done is Better than Perfect*. That to me sums up much of how I feel about crafting now. Better to get going, to start on a project NOW than wait. It does not have to be perfect, it does not require lots of products ........ it is a process and you learn from every bit of the journey.

These were made over the past few weeks. They are not perfect, the style might not be popular, but what's important to me, I jumped right in ........ just made them ! Waiting to get inspired, waiting for the right time, waiting to have enough of the right stuff, worrying about being perfect ...... all that just serves to confuse and stop us from starting.

The funny thing is, the more I worked on them, then more ideas I had, and the more confident I felt.

Colors are always inspiring .......

So, don't wait ! It's a myth you must have lots of stuff to feel creative (that is the typical Singapore consumer mentality talking back at you) ...... products are great, but what fuels the creative momentum is working with them, using them.

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